Dublin City 103.2 FM

April 2008

We were interviewed for the Dublin City FM show “Good Morning Dublin”, by presenter Valerie Vetter.

You can listen to the interview online using the player below.

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Kildare Nationalist

Wednesday 28th April 2005

And for those of you who are fuming over Dublin Bus and their services, I can recommend checking out www.busrage.ie (sic) where angry commuters gather online to verbally abuse Seamus Brennan. On the site you can add your name to a petition to have all the government transport bigwigs actually use public transport instead of their luxury cars. Here, here!

Website Mini Bytes

Oct, 2005

Website Mini Bytes is a weekly audio review of wesites, brodcast by three local Irish radio stations, and webcast on the net. Listen to the audio review of the site here: http://tinpot.net/minibytes/home_98.htm

We’ve all heard amazing stories about road rage antics or rock stars being grounded for air rage outrages but in Ireland we have our own special breed of travelling sickness.

Busrage is highly infectious and is contagious amongst those who rely on Ireland’s bus network to get from from a to b.

If you’ve waited too long for the bus that never came or you begrudge another fare rise, fear not, you can find hundreds of like minded ragers on the sites discussion boards.

Or you could sign the petition insisting that CIE management and the transport minister are forced to take public transport to work every day – then we can all look forward to the day when we see Seamus Brennan on a BMX….

The Irish Times Magazine

Saturday, Aug 31, 2002

Road Warriors

To dedicated public transport gripers, BUSRAGE.com is a godsend. Although the news section hasn’t been updated in a while, the site does provide full bus timetables, along with a useful and tongue-in-cheek vent for the spleen of disgruntled bus travellers everywhere. It contains links to Dublin Corporation’s webcam network “showing where your bus may actually be”. Best featues include an online petition attempting to force all top-level CIE and Dublin Bus executives to take public transport to work and a discussion board featuring such enlightned topics as “Sex on buses? Reports please.” and “Stop cribing [sic]. Walk or cyce to work, you’re all too fat anyway”. (Finbarr O’Rielly)

electricnews.net (enn.ie)

Rage is probably not a strong enough word to describe the feelings of the contributors to this Irish Web site. Busrage is devoted to — you guessed it — complaining about the Dublin’s often-criticised public transportation system.

The site contains a news page, where users can read accurate, though not exactly un-biased, updates on what Dublin Bus and Iarnrod Eireann are up to. There are also discussion boards that present well though out comments, as well as out-and-out rants. But probably the most important feature of the site, at least to the creators, is the on-line petition that seeks to establish a “long-term, effective,integrated public transport system for Dublin.” The Web cams around Dublin 1 and 2 are cool, but seem to be broken often.


Friday, Feb 16, 2001

A resource for disgruntled public transport users

Fed up waiting in the rain for legendary buses? Dublin Bus made you late for work once too often? Well then, poor downtrodden bus user, your time has come. Rise up and take heart, for the bus revolution has begun.

Busrage.com is mad as hell with our creaking public transport system and isn’t going to take it anymore. Describing itself as a “resource for disgruntled public transport users in Dublin and beyond”,

the site aims to provide a forum for bus users to air their grievances, share their experiences and suggest ways the situation could be improved.

The site wants your stories and plans to campaign for changes in our Third World bus transport system. For starters, they have drawn up a petition calling on CIE management and the government
minister in charge of transport to be stripped of their mercs and forced to take the bus or train to work everyday .

As well as giving users an opportunity to vent their anger, the site is a great resource for public transport commuters. There are links to timetables for all Dublin Bus routes and – I like this one – they have links to webcams around the city so you can see just where the hell your bus is.

The site has just been launched, and has big plans for the future, including route maps, transport news, interviews with CIE and games.

from the Doras Directory

3 Shamrocks
April 2001

We have all misspent days of our lives waiting for buses, for them never to appear. This site is on a mission to right the wrongs suffered by helpless commuters at the hands of Dublin Bus. Complete with discussion forum, people can unite and share in their despondency at the transport service. For those with still a glimmer of hope in their eye, there are route timetables.

It may not start a revolution but this is a brilliant site, for drivers and passengers alike.