Thanks for all the input on the site, we are in the process of ironing out all the bugs of Busrage v4.0, if you come across any missing links, faulty pages or anything odd on the site that could constitute a bug, please let us know either via email or the discussion forum, this will help us make the site better and continue to serve the public need.

We need your input and ideas.

This site is where we, the public transport users of Ireland, are going to make our stand. To cause genuine change in the current situation we need your help and support. Spread the word, tell your friends, get people involved. To make a difference we need everybody’s help. If you have a story to tell, or an idea for the site, get onto the discussion board and let us know. There is strength in unity, they can’t ignore us all forever.

We are especially interested in innovative ideas to help stop the gridlock on Dublin’s streets, so if you have some fresh ideas, be it a street you believe needs a bus lane, or an area that needs a bus route, whatever, let us know.

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