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    Hi Marie,

    As far as I know your choices are pretty limited – a case of taking a bus or train into Dublin City Centre and then taking the bus to Galway from Busaras. I agree it is a pain – it would be great if their was an out-of-town bus station, perhaps close to a western junction of the M50, which allowed interchange with services serving north and south of Dublin.

    Unfortunately, with the current “all roads lead to Dublin” mindset of public transport planning in Ireland, this is unlikely to happen any time soon!

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    arnold – this is off-topic for this thread – if you want you can add this as a new topic for discussion here: add new topic.

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    I’m making this a sticky as other people may find this information useful. Any problems, please email us

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    Hey SickCert,

    It’s because you already have a username on the system which got migrated from the old board. Did you try following the advise in the sticky post?

    1. Find one of your old posts on the discussion forum, make a note of the username for the post in the left hand column.

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    Yes, you can change your password. Once you log in you should see “view your profile” in the place

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    Yeah, I hear what you’re saying.

    I’m trying to look on it as a positive thing, it should at least make integration a little better, although to be honest there are a few suspect things about it (which will make there way into a front page article soon). The main worry I have is that it is a step towards a UK-style privatisation mess. Oh, and it does of course give the minister cover when things start to go wrong, while leaving him the opportunity to take credit when they go right. Marvelous.

    Then there is the pensions issue, I haven’t heard much from the unions since the announcement.

    One interesting point, the bill does not provide for this new body to license private operators, that will still rest with the Department of Transport. Something stinks about that I think…

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    The context of Alek’s original posting got lost in the migration to the new platform – he was originally talking about this story.

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    I don't think that's the point though.

    Bus Eireann buses have stops much further apart than Dublin Bus buses, so it's not too much to ask for drivers to make clear announcements when stopping as to what the passengers options are at that point.

    This is the norm in other countries, travel with someone like National Express in Britain and you will hear drivers announcing things like “This is the stop for Birmingham, passengers intending to travel to London should change here, this bus is for the West Midlands.”

    Passengers should be told if they need to get off the bus to change for another destination, especially for a popular destination like Dublin.

    The problem is compounded by a number of issues:

    1. The fact that the public haven't got much trust in destination scrolls on the front of vehicles (if it has one) as these are often wrong. This is why drivers get pestered by passengers asking where the bus is going, it's not because they haven't bothered to look at the scroll, it's because they don't trust it.

    2. The problem that, for whatever reason, the timetables are frequently not kept too – so you can't be sure which timetabled bus you're on.

    3. The general assumption that if you are a “regular” on the bus you will be aware of it's quirks without having to be told. I regularly travelled on the 84 and 84A in the 1990s and the route frequently departed from the timetabled route. As regulars we knew it would but not everyone is a daily commuter.

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    We're working on this as we speak, we're trying to put something in place quickly to stop the “robot” spammers, and then later on, a better moderation system to deal with human beings who seem to be just on the site to waste time.

    Please bear with us as we try to get things back to normal!

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    You posted this same thing a few days ago.

    I've nothing against people posting the occasional link to other on-topic boards, that's just fine, but posting a link to the same board on a weekly basis is a bit much.

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    Nope, looks like it will be operated by Dublin Bus.

    This is from the Southside People:

    Bus is on the way back

    THE Dalkey to City Centre No 8 bus service is to be re-introduced following a legal complaint in 2003 to the European Commission against the Irish Government.

    Councillor Eugene Regan (FG) initiated a campaign in November 2003 to secure the return of the service with a formal complaint to the Commission. Cllr Regan put forward the view that the discontinuation of this service in 2000 by the public bus monopoly, Dublin Bus, was in conflict with EU competition rules.

    “I promised in the local elections that I would seek the re-instatement of the No 8 through EU intervention,” he said.

    “I followed up on that promise by lodging the complaint with the European Commission in Brussels against the Irish Government for allowing Dublin Bus to withdraw this service. The Commission took this complaint very seriously.”

    Cllr Regan met with senior officials in the Competition Directorate of the European Commission several times over the last two years to discuss the mater.

    Following a final meeting earlier this year in Brussels the Commission intervened by writing to the Department of Transport. That intervention of the Commission ultimately brought about the change in policy.

    “Dublin Bus has confirmed to me that it has applied for, and the Department of Transport has approved, the operation of the Dalkey to Dublin City Centre No. 8 bus service, which is to commence in the next few weeks.”

    Cllr Regan pointed out that while the route is slightly changed from the traditional number 8 Route, the service fulfils the essential object of the campaign to have a direct bus link between Dalkey and the City Centre.

    The route will serve not only Dalkey and Sandycove, Monkstown and Blackrock, which featured on the traditional route, but other areas such as Glenageary, Sallynoggin and Mounttown, which he said “do not have an adequate service at present”.

    “The numbers 59 and 59A routes will also continue to link Dalkey, Killiney, Glenageary and Dun Laoghaire,” Mr Regan concluded.

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    We got an email about this, maybe this is the definitive answer:

    “…the reason behind this action from the Bus

    Drivers them selves was because they were tired of having Motorists park temporally on the Bus stops to let their own passengers out ,

    which in turn delays the bus drivers trying to get in to the bus stops its self.

    “They are due to have talks with the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre management at 10 am today to see what measures can be taken to stop these motorists from parking in and on these bus stops.”

    So either way, depending how those talks go, maybe we'll have some movement on this soon.

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    Hello al and everybody,,

    currently over in the UK on business, so i’m missing all the luas drama, and the suppossed announcement of a metro plan (yet again).

    normal service will be restored soon!

    For the moment, if anybody feels like doing a writup on the current goings on with the luas and its impact on the bus service, or any major bus news story, feel free to email it to us and we’ll see about getting it on the site.

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    That’s probably him, most of his early messages orginated from finglas library before we placed the IP address for it on the moderate list.

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    rs, as soon as time allows we will put a “report spam” link next to every message, this is one of the priority updates to the site.

    unfortunately as it is run on a volunteer basis we don’t have time to do as much as we’d like – if busrage was run as a full-time operation there would be daily news stories, better spam/abuse filtering. As it is, if anybody sees questionable content on the site please email us and we will get to it.

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