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    with regard its timing. I know and accept that there will always be occasional times when buses simply cannot leave the terminus on time, but I get this bus from Hawkins St several times a week and I swear it NEVER leaves on time. In comparison to the 46a – another high frequency route – it is disgraceful – what’s the explanation?

    From my local bustop (ie: not at either terminus), I’ve often been waiting 30 mins for a 39 even though they are supposed to go every ten minutes.

    What’s most frustrating (intriuging?) about this is that I genuinely have no other complaints about other buses I take. I’m not one of these ”Dublin bus sucks!!” people. The 37 and 70 always seem to leave the termini on time. I find the 66 and 67a pretty reliable. The 46a is excellent, as are most of the xpressos to UCD. So why is the 39 so unreliable?

    Every ten mins my arse!

    (also, why do some townbound 39s state the destination is ”westmoreland st”, not ”hawkins st” ? I’m geussing this is because Hawkins St gets overcrowded with buses at times but this just adds to my frustration of this route!)


    I am one of those “Dublin Bus sucks” people. I lived in Dublin during 2001/2002, when there were far less people living here, and the 65B bus service was never on time when I wanted to get home from work. Here’s an example:

    “We stopped to watch a bus go past on the other side of the road. The rain fell heavily and we both breathed a sigh of relief. The bus would be back in a moment to pick us up.

    We waited for another 10 minutes.

    ‘Where the hell is that bus?’ I snapped. ‘I’m bloody freezing out here! Where do the buggers go?’

    This bus stop was like the Bermuda Triangle. Double-decker buses just… vanished. How could someone make a £250,000, four metre high bus painted in vibrant blue, white and orange disappear? Maybe the driver had nicked off to the nearest pub for a drink; there was a tavern just over the next hill.

    I questioned a number of people about the puzzling bus disappearances. The truth was more idiotic than my pub theory. The drivers were supposed to turn around 100 metres up the road and come back to pick us up. Drivers who were running late did not turn around. They raced past, turned onto the nearest freeway and headed back into the city. The buses were completely empty.

    It’s the sort of efficiency drive I would expect from Sir Humphrey Appleby of the BBC’s Yes Minister series. In one episode, Appleby posted 200 administrators to a brand new hospital. No patients had been admitted and there were no doctors or nurses, because, ‘the cost would be prohibitive, Minister’.” See http://www.chrisdowding.net for more.

    I’m not sure if the 65B route is still rotton. Hopefully most people put up with the bus to Tallaght and catch the Luas home from the Square (the Luas was only getting built when I worked here). I sympathise with anyone who has to use the 65B all the way to town. I consider myself to be environmentally aware, but it you’re on the 65B, maybe you should buy yourself an old banger.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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