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    Looks to me like they’re doing more fixing what isn’t broken. Some looks derived from the old Scott Wilson report, even though it’s supposed to be based on the Deloitte report; some I’ve just never heard of until now.

    I don’t like a lot of it, especially the cancellation of route 10 and extending the 46A north into Phoenix Park (they extended the 46A north in the past, to the Airport, only to change those trips to the 746, and that route’s now cancelled; this will fail too, perhaps). Now they’ve got a frequent 39A that goes from Ongar to Belfield via the old 10 route too.

    It’s all fixing what isn’t broken, especially when you do so many <i>radical</i> route changes.


    The new 39 route is a disgrace. I used to get the 39b or 39x from Ongar at 7.00 in the morning and be in work near Leeson Street for 8.00. The new 39a takes half an hour longer plus I have to walk from the other side of Stephen’s Green adding another ten minutes to my journey. What on earth possessed Dublin Bus to route the ‘faster’ 39a via the quays is a mystery. Don’t even get me started on the journey home which now takes nearly two hours! I have emailed Dublin Bus but other than an automated reply – nothing! I’m going back to the train and they can stick their ‘Direct’ route where the sun don’t shine

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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