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    Hi all.

    This morning i was getting on a 145 in stillorgan. The bus in question didnt even have 1 person standing up. I was just about to enter my ticket into the machine when the bus driver started screaming and i quote “get off the bus, get off the bus” “we are full!!! I said GET OFF”. (There was only me left to get on-how much space can one person take up?)At half eight in the morning tell me who could put up with that.

    I am a regular user of the 145 because i live out in the shankill areabut i was discusted to be treated in such a manner.

    I burst out crying ( i know it sounds sad but i was that enraged that i had be treated so badly when there was plently of standing place (and even a few spare seats).

    My boyfriend who i had intendind on meeting on the bus informed me that the bus driver did not stop at stops where people had their hands out.

    He asked for the bus drivers name but he refused to give it. Should there not be a regulation in place that informs dublin bus users of who is in charge of their safety. The current situation is resulting in bus drivers feeling that they are untouchable and that they can treat people badly.

    Can this situation be resolved please Dublin Bus- a formal letter of complaint is on its way.

    Have many other people had similar experiences?


    Ive never had that happen before.
    [posted by: John]


    Im not untouchable and im a driver.

    Complain to DB http://www.dublinbus.ie state time stop etc as its on the CCTV


    DB dont listen


    On a slightly related point, a lawyer friend of mine boarded a no. 83 bus in Rathmines recently, and there was nothing on the bus to indicate it was stopping short of its usual destination. However, the bus terminated at Westmoreland St causing her serious inconvenience as her work was on Church St, which was covered by the destination stated on her ticket. We suspect that this was connected with the Finglas dispute. She mentioned the incident to an inapector more recently but she was asked to state time and date, which she does not wish to do because she does not want the driver to get into trouble.
    [posted by: Richard]


    Did she not see ” City Centre” on the scroll or 83C ?

    [posted by: Driver A]


    No, because it did not have either.


    When my wife and I lived in Dublin (2001/2002), bus drivers drove past frantically waving people standing at different bus stops (in the rain). The bus services were always running late, and to make up time, some drivers would shortcut their route. This cut several minutes from their time, but it also cut several passengers off from their intended destination! After I read this post, it was obvious that Dublin Bus remains the inefficient hopeless service it was when I lived there.

    I remember that passengers say thanks as they pass the driver to get off a Dublin bus, but in my case this was short for ‘Thanks, driver for not abusing me’ or ‘thank God I’m still alive.’ See http://www.chrisdowding.net for more.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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