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    Looks like these cuts are even more savage than first thought, article to follow on the main page. Pretty bad stuff.


    Just to make everyone here aware of the plan, which if any part thereof is implemented by Dublin bus without agreement will lead to strike action.

    While bus driver unions would possibly accept parts of this plan, the company will not compromise on any part and insist the full plan must be implemented.

    1. Agreed pay increases of 6% to be deferred.

    2. 48 hour week to be implemented.

    3. 120 buses to be removed from service.

    4. Loss of shift payment

    currently €20.77 daily paid to drivers who work shift.

    5. Loss of travel time payment

    overtime payment Paid to drivers who start and finish in different locations

    from Donnybrook city center 30 Min’s

    Donybrook Dun Loaghaire 45 Min’s

    Donnybrook Bray 60 Min’s

    6. Change of Euro shift hours

    Euro drivers currently work mon to fri 12 hour shifts, they want this changed to 13 hour shifts.

    7. Cut running times on all routes to increase productivity.

    While this makes the timetable look good, it will have a drastic effect on reliability.

    8. Removal of compensation payments if routes are moved to other garages.

    If I’m working on the 746 route in Donnybrook and they move the route to harristown I wont receive compensation for the extra traveling to work.

    9. No payment for late breaks

    Currently if a driver is 30 Min’s late breaking due to heavy traffic etc, driver receives 1 hour overtime if they agree to come back on time and cut short there break.

    12. Decrease overtime by 75%

    13. Part time staff

    Employ part time staff to work Sundays and pay them less than what we are currently paid.

    14. Loss of spreadover payment

    Spreadover is paid to drivers whose workday is over 10 hours, currently €15.96, paid hourly after 10 hours, so 12 hour shift equals 2 hours payment.

    15. Increase staff to duty ratio

    We have an agreement to have a limit on the number of staff to duty’s, they want to increase this ratio effectively reducing overtime to zero.

    16. Desafing staff to have there hours reduced.

    Staff who empty the safes will have there work hours and pay cut.

    17. 190 probationary drivers to have there contracts terminated.

    Example of how these cuts will effect drivers.

    I live in Loughlinstown and work in Donnybrook garage, I am a Euro driver on the 746 route, I work 12 hour shifts mon to fri, usually 7am to 7pm, I get a break around 11am to 3pm. I’m currently paid

    basic pay 624.12

    shift pay 103.85

    Spreadover 159.60

    Total €887.57 Gross

    I am the sole earner in my household after my wife lost her part time job in January, we have a mortgage and 3 kids.

    Under the cost effectiveness plan I would work 13 hour days 7am to 8pm

    and receive €624.12 Gross pay, thats a drop of €263.45 per week.

    Currently I would receive a weekly payment of €418 per week from the social welfare if I was unemployed, also mortgage relief assistance, fuel allowance and medical card, free travel, and would possibly even be entitled to family income supplement.

    €624.12 Minus PRSI, PAYE, Income Levy, Trade union levy.

    If these cuts go ahead I would surely be better off staying at home.

    Also if my route was moved to Harristown garage, I would not get any compensation payments for the extra traveling required.

    While I agree and accept that I must take a cut to help the company and the country, I feel the company are taking advantage of the current economic climate and trying to force these cuts on me unfairly without consultation with my union, under the cover of a heavily massaged account book that reads -31m, and does not take into account the recent reduction in bus depreciation years. It is clear in the Delottie report that Dublin bus operate a cost efficient service for the taxpayer, and are currently receiving a very low percentage of subsidies from the Government compared to other EU cities.

    I understand the pain being felt in the private sector by job losses, my wife and some of my family and friends have lost their jobs, Many who thought I was mad to take this job in Dublin bus while they were earning twice my wage on building sites and in IT etc. I could have took a job on a building site, but I felt with my young family I needed something more secure, and Ive been proven right.

    I feel I have no other option but to give my union a mandate for industrial action to reject this plan, I hope it doesn’t come to strike action but if it does I am prepared to strike to protect at least some of my terms and conditions.

    I think dublin bus do need drastic action, I think we need to redeploy buses to areas where they will be used more to increase revenue, and beef up marketing to increase passenger numbers and the private hire end of things, I feel the company has been badly managed and could be successful if the right management was put in place, while still retaining most of the driver’s working conditions.

    Dublin bus recieved €85 million last year and tax payer’s give out its too much.

    Tax payers pay back €300 million worth of loans for 10 rich buisness men and we still have a government? Im sure these guys could still afford to pay this back despite the downturn.

    This just reinforces my position and views, €300Million would have sorted out the crisis at dublin bus and provided funding for the next few years.


    ah but didnt you realise that you should be glad to have a job i like sex but dont like being raped and thats exactly what these cuts are doing to the job you like raping the drivers while the management carry on like the bankers of this country creaming off the money with bonusses while the grassroot staff wallow in the slime of whats left

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