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    tom mc Manus

    Can anybody explain the logic of the Airport Services. The services include 747 Express, 16A, 41s and 746. The Airport Travellers are flocking to the local services costing 2Euro whilst at the nearby express bus stop, costing 6Euro, much less activity can be observed. I wonder why! It would appear that the services are competing with each other.The effect on the local bus services are that buses are often crowded and loaded with luggage leaving people with buggies,disabilities and elderly without seating and accomodation for buggies or wheelchairs. It is galling to observe near empty express buses passing local bus stops whilst local buses are jammed. In addition, the combined numbers of buses on the route (Somewhere between 200 and 300 daily) must be causing unnecessary pollution and congestion. Who Cares????

    dave walters



    dave what can DB do to improve toms logic


    You know, it’s pretty easy to reduce the cost of the express Airlink service if you want to:

    a) If there’s a group of you, or if you are going out to the airport a few times, buy a 5 pack of One day Rambler tickets at 19 Euros, which works out to €3.90 a ticket.

    b) If you’re a family of people, buy the One Day Family Rambler ticket for €10.00. Say you are a family with two parents and two kids. The standard Airlink fare would be 18 Euros, so the Rambler ticket is much cheaper.

    While both of these options still work out a bit higher than the cost of the local buses, you get into town heaps quicker and the Rambler ticket is still valid for other bus routes for the rest of the day. Of course, DB’s Airlink drivers don’t carry the Rambler tickets on the buses – because it would mean less revenue to DB. Lots of newsagents and corner stores in town carry them. I haven’t tried this, but CIE sell tickets at their Information Desk at the airport, and so does Dublin Tourism. Maybe the Rambler tickets are available there.

    Here’s my experience of the local buses, as an Aussie arriving in Dublin for the first time:-

    “The double-decker bus lurched around a corner. The driver tramped briefly on the brakes and we were thrown headfirst towards the seat in front of us. The driver pressed on the accelerator just in time and our heads rolled backwards, just before our teeth collided with the seat.

    I clutched Kerryn’s hand and jammed my feet tightly against the floor. Was the driver training for some kind of Bus Grand Prix event? He tested the entire power range of the engine as he raced towards the city. He also changed gears and floored the engine every time he hit a bump in the road, which made the bus leap spectacularly into the air.” (See http://www.chrisdowding.net for more.)

    In comparison, the Airlink services are smooth, quiet and arranged to carry luggage. They only take half the time of a local bus. You don’t have to shove your way past ‘every man and his dog’ to get on, either…. er, actually, forget I said anything. Keep using the local buses and leave the Airlink 747 nice and empty – for me;)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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