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    I just want to ask do you think that bus eireann school school buses are safe, also what do you think of the 15year general age of school buses? Do you think that bus Eireann should move over and give someone else a turn? Personaly i think that the bus that was in Mondays tragic accident in Naven (DVH 17,, 1993 reg bus) was ok and up to the job of bringing school children saftley to/from work. However i think some areas of Bus Eireanns school fleet should be looked at KC KE type buses still on school dutys and out stationing of some school buses. The media going bananas about seatbelts but bcould u imagine trying to get 50 schoolkids sitting down strapped in seatbelts (dont think so). Anyways the finger looks now likley pointed at the new road surface & the down pour of rain before the acccident. The is an issue thats going to cause a load of havvoc over coming weeks….
    [posted by: Jodi]

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