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Dublin City Council endangering pedestrians with advertising

Pedestrians, cyclists and even the blind have all been placed at risk thanks to a secret deal between Dublin City Council and advertising firm JC Decaux. The firm are supplying some bikes (cost: secret) in exchange for the right to place lots ad lots of advertising on footpaths (value: secret). Many of these signs block […]

Dublin City Council propose rickshaw licensing

Cue the minister wringing his hands and muttering darkly about 1930s transport legislation Apparently oblivious (or maybe not) to the competency of the Department of Transport and it’s minister, especially with regard to the licensing of private operators, the traffic committee of Dublin City Council wants wee Noel to start licensing rickshaw operators in Dublin […]

New traffic plan sparks major row

Fresh from his now legendary comment that the modern, but perfectly ordinary, bridge in Dundrum being erected for the new luas system was “Dublin’s Golden Gate” (a comment many residents of San Francisco may take issue with), Minister Brennan has embroiled himself in a row over how best to manage Dublin’s horrendous traffic problem. In […]

M50 moves into it’s next phase.

Traffic chaos to spread The National Roads Authority (NRA) was released details of the current state of development of the M50. Regular users of routes like the 75 or the 49 will already know the hassle that the slow pace of construction has caused, well folks, in the words of John McDaid, senior engineer of […]