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Metro North should go ahead as planned, says Broughan

METRO NORTH should proceed as planned, former Labour transport spokesman and TD for Dublin North East Tommy Broughan has said, despite comments by party Leader Eamon Gilmore that Labour in power would not go ahead with the project “in the short term”.

Luas trams not so noisy, says High Court

The Dublin 4 couple who sued because they felt the Luas trams were too noisy have lost their case: From RTE: A Dublin couple whose home is close to the Luas Green Line have lost a High Court action against the Railway Procurement Agency over noise from the trams. Paula and Vincent Smyth of Cambridge […]

Luas trams make noise, court told

Couple buy house next to railway track which is scheduled to re-open. Railway re-opens. Value of home increases. Couple sue because the trams make noise. It must be just awful living next to a clean, frequent and fast mode of public transport able to get you into the city centre in approximately 6 minutes.

Dublin Metro standards will be high, claim RPA

Nicola Cooke of the Sunday Business Post writes: The operator chosen to run the planned Metro North system in Dublin will forfeit an annual fee of tens of millions of euro if it does not achieve the highest standards in the world in key areas such as passenger numbers, punctuality and breakdowns. Documents sent to […]

Expensive study of fantasy Luas line published

Consultants continue to swallow up our transport budget The RPA have published a report explaining why a line it is proposing would cost lots of money, require the purchase of 10 buildings and 150 gardens and wouldn’t make enough money to justify itself (their criteria, not mine). To make matter worse, it would mean the […]

Crazy motorist blocks Luas and then jumps in the Liffey

Anne-Marie Walsh of the Indo writes: THE Luas tram ground to a halt for an hour and a half yesterday morning after a man blocked the line with his jeep before jumping into the Liffey. It is understood that the man parked his car across the tram tracks at Heuston Station around 11.30am before making […]

Luas bridge to be built but not used for the Luas

An article has appeared on rte.ie, announcing the building of a “Luas bridge” between Hawkins Street on the southside of Dublin with (cough cough) Hawkins Street on the northside. The theory goes that this would carry the Luas between the red and green lines (aka Luas line BX). Now, a bridge was announced previously for […]

Dublin metro plan rumoured to be scrapped (again)

Cash Saved To Be Apparently Used To Build Motorways Future generations are going to look back and wonder a lot of things about post-boom Ireland. They’re going to wonder about the billions wasted on consultants and reports, reports on consultant reports and inquiries into why a tribunal was set up into the cost of consultant […]

Transport Minister seeks to spend over €10bn on a €1.5bn metro

Seamus Brennan’s plans are flawed, they display a total ignorance of how an economy functions and they are doomed to failure, costing taxpayers an awful lot of money in the process. We would like to take this opportunity to explain his plans and why they cannot work. The minister proposes to build the metro plan […]

Dublin Metro Could Be Up And Running By 2006

We’ve been unable to discover if it’s an urban myth or not, but one thing you often hear in Dublin’s drinking holes is that had Irish independence been put off for a few years, the British would have built an underground system for us to rival that of London or Paris. Of course, a cynic […]