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Irish Rail service hit by industrial action

But would there be enough drivers to run a full service even without a strike? In addition to the ongoing problems due to Iarnród Éireann rolling out a timetable with not enough drivers to drive the trains, and then blaming the drivers for not driving the additional trains on their time off, there are now […]

Labour Court agreement reached in Dublin Bus strike

A Labour Court agreement to end the strike that has hit many Dublin Bus routes and made commuting a even greater misery than usual for and estimated 60,000 passengers this week has been accepted by both the unions and management. Services from the Harristown depot are set to be running again from tomorrow (Monday), although […]

Dublin Bus union votes for industrial action

Dublin Bus drivers from the NBRU have voted by a large majority in favour of striking, in relation to cuts in overtime due to the adoption of the EU Working Time Directives. The EU law puts a restriction on working time, limiting workers to working a total of 48 hours. Due to the huge amount […]

CIE gears up for fare-free day

It has arrived, the first salvo in a campaign by the unions and other interested parties to stop Seamus Brennan’s privatisation plans in their tracks. For 24 hours, from midnight to midnight on Friday (18/07/2003), passengers will be able to travel for free on services provided by Dublin Bus, Iarnrod Eireann and Bus Eireann, as […]