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Transport spending cuts announced in Budget 2009

Details of the 2009 budget were announced today, key points relating to the budget for the Department of Transport for the coming year are below. As usual the devil is in the details, or in the lack of details. It is safe to assume that any Transport21 projects not mentioned below are dead, and any […]

Dublin Transport Authority brand rumours

It looks like the Dublin Transport Authority (DTA) will be branded as “Dublin Transport” when it launches in 2009. Peter Cranny, a Senior Transportation Planner for the Dublin Transportation Office, has registered both dublintransportauthority.ie and dublintransport.ie with the Irish Domain Registry, the body responsible for the management of Irish domain names (those dot-ie names that […]

Minister attempts to advise himself out of Transport21 mess

It’s not quite a brand new news story that the government continue to waste huge amounts of money on consultants and logos, while projects continue to fall behind (metro north) and others are quietly scrapped (nearly everything else that is not related to road building) but it is worth noting nonetheless. Meanwhile, Dublin Bus are […]

Louth politicians begin to notice the DTA too

As we pointed out back in April, the proposed Dublin Transport Authority does not cover any part of the County Louth. We noted that it was “conspicuous by it’s absence”. Apparently Louth’s politicians are even slower on the uptake than their Dublin counterparts, and have only begun to take note of this quite important fact […]

Dublin City councillors finally notice Dublin Transport Authority on horizon

Two months after it was announced, Dublin’s councillors have finally woken up to the fact that all of their transport powers, and some of their planning ones too, are being transferred to the new Dublin Transport Authority (DTA). Even though all the detail of the DTA was available in the text of the bill in […]

Irish Government mulls cuts in transport spending

The Sunday Business Post is reporting that the new Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, is considering making cuts in spending for the National Development Plan, connecting economic growth (or lack of it) to spending on key projects like transport improvements. Is Transport21 part of the NDP or considered a separate entity in this context? We’re not sure, […]

Transport Minister rejects the need for extra buses

Noel Dempsey says he’s not sure, doesn’t know and remains to be convinced. While appearing to make all the right noises to the media, there is something of the same old story when you actually take a look at the kind of things Minister for Transport, Noel Dempsey, is saying in relation to bus provision […]

Dublin Transport Authority by 2009

It seems Dublin is a step closer to getting decent public transport co-ordination, in the form of an overarching Dublin Transport Authority (DTA), or Údarás Iompair Bhaile Átha Cliath in Irish (and spelled incorrectly on the Oireachtas site), something that has been desperately needed for many years. Seamus Brennan promised to deliver this but failed, […]

On time and on budget, or just on the long finger?

Transport 21, the government’s grand vision for transport improvements for Ireland to be delivered by 2010 was set out in front of the media (rather then the Dail) two years ago. It promised much. Among all the hype were promises for extentions to the DART and Luas, and a Metro to the airport (although the […]

Government transport ‘plan’ unveiled

The much hyped release of the Transport 21, referred to by the Government as a ’21st century transport plan for 21st century Ireland’ has taken the media by storm, bringing on board many people who would love to see transport policy in Ireland handled properly. Honest people who, just this once, want to believe the […]