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Dublin Bus driver attacked before bus is hijacked

A Dublin Bus driver, who is new to both bus driving and this country, was viciously attacked while doing his job last night. This is not the first attack on a driver in this part of Dublin, how long must these attacks continue before action is taken? RTE report: A Dublin Bus driver was severely […]

Swords Express take dispute with transport minister to the High Court

The Swords Express are taking Noel Dempsey to court over the granting of permission for Dublin Bus to use the port tunnel. All a bit odd considering the services so not actually share the same route except for a short stretch in Swords – and even then the services are so differentiated that they serve […]

Scrap road signs, save lives says Dublin Transportation Office

Having spent €200,000 on traffic signs that were critised by all and sundry (apart from us, we were uncharacteristically nice about them) and then more money replacing them, the Dublin Transportation Office (DTO) now wants to remove them. While the plans to establish the Dublin Transport Authority move along at a pace akin to a […]

Report reviews the current state of reviewing reports about reviews

The Irish Times have picked up on something we’ve been banging on about for a while, namely the obsession in this country with continually reviewing and reviewing infrastructure plans, without actually doing any of it. Repeated reviews and constant consultations have halted progress and stifled innovation in our transport network, writes Tim O’Brien ON MONDAY […]

Dublin Bus ordered to pay out €143,000 for passenger’s crushed foot

Maybe all the money squirreled away from unclaimed change receipts on the buses could be used by Dublin Bus to pay out all these compensation claims. It’s not clear what route this happened on, maybe the 70N? The Irish Times [subs required] reports: A man has secured €143,000 damages from the High Court after he […]

Blind man awarded €3,000 for insults from bus driver

Anne-Marie Walsh Reporting for the Irish Independent writes: A blind man has been awarded €3,000 for suffering discrimination when a driver remarked “your wife is no use to you now” as he struggled to board a Dublin bus in his wheelchair. Neill King said the driver made the comment after his wife got on the […]

Dublin man steals bus and goes on the rampage

From http://www.rte.ie/news/2006/0508/dublin.html : A 61-year-old woman died in yesterday’s incident, when a bus was driven at speed on the Naas road dual carriageway and in the LUAS tramway. More than a dozen people were injured in the incident. The bus had been taken from the Dualway Coach depot in Rathcoole, south county Dublin. Gardaí fired […]

Neglected, Abandoned, Scrapped & Delayed

We Examine The Current State Of Irish Public Transport The Metro has been abandoned, the Luas delayed, and extensions to the project cancelled. CIE is to be scrapped, rail lines are being closed, bus services are being axed due to underfunding, other bus services are being privatised, integrated smart-card style ticketing plans (which were due […]

Supreme Court appeal against AA Roadwatch

William Campbell is taking his battle with RTE and The Broadcasting Complaints Commission (BCC) all the way to the Supreme Court, following a High Court decision which did not rule in his favour. Campbell maintains that the broadcasting of AA Roadwatch is in breach of the Broadcasting Act. Firstly, AA Roadwatch is part of the […]

Brave new world – Dublin Bus steps into the future

DB (Dublin Bus) has finally given some target dates for the next phases of it’s modernization. The plans themselves have, in the main, been announced several times before. However, it seems DB feel they must announce their future plans again (and again) in the run up to the next general election, to discourage any feeling […]