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Government furiously backpeddles on Dublin City car ban

It looks like the Dublin traffic ban kite flying exercise is going to be even more short lived than we first thought, with it now being delayed till 2011. And that is assuming that the projects scheduled to begin that year even happen at all. There is further talk of a congestion charge, but of […]

Traffic ban proposed for Dublin city centre

A report in today’s Sunday Business Post (below) gives some more information on the proposal that has been floating about recently on reducing private motor vehicles from the centre of Dublin. While this is obviously an attempt at kite flying, any plan to reduce cars from the city centre, increase space on the roads for […]

Car Free Day neutered once again by Dublin City Council

You’d be forgiven for not knowing that September 22nd was European Car Free Day, for there is barely any sign of it in the city. Once again Dublin City Council are ignoring calls to give the day the support it deserves, and instead insist on making Dublin a participating city in name only. This pandering […]

Car-Free Day turns into a farce.

Ah Yes, Dublin. Ireland’s capital and home of the Celtic Tiger. Nuclear Free since 1985 an proud of it, our environmental credentials tattooed on our city’s arm. Sure we’re great. Well how do we show the world how great we are? Dublin Corporation and Minister Dan Wallace believe they have the answer. As our government […]