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Dublin bus lane operating hours extension proposed

Dublin City Council, who are now very keen to appear active on the transport front in our fair city, are talking about extending bus lane operating hours from 7pm to 8pm. They are also talking about making the lanes active on Sundays in cases where they are not currently. We love the idea, but why […]

Undertakers seek use of bus lanes in Dublin

There was us thinking the silly season was over, but in the past week we’ve heard everybody from motorcyclists to hackney cab drivers demanding use of the buslanes on the grounds that it would do nobody any harm and that it wouldn’t cost a cent. Well now undertakers are getting in on the act, asking […]

New QBCs in operation

Most of these are for travel into town only, but will mean shorter journey times for people taking the bus. There is still no word if QBCs or Bus Lanes will be eventually turned into car-pool lanes, as some politicians would like to see. This idea isn’t popular with CIE, and we can certainly see […]