Luas trams not so noisy, says High Court

The Dublin 4 couple who sued because they felt the Luas trams were too noisy have lost their case:

From RTE:

A Dublin couple whose home is close to the Luas Green Line have lost a High Court action against the Railway Procurement Agency over noise from the trams.

Paula and Vincent Smyth of Cambridge Terrace, Leeson Park in Dublin had claimed they could not enjoy their house or garden because of the excessive noise from trams passing their home hundreds of times a day. The couple had sought injunctions restraining the RPA from operating the Green Line in a manner that caused noise nuisance and requiring them to erect an appropriate barrier to reduce the noise.

In a lengthy judgment, Ms Justice Mary Laffoy said despite the fact that the RPA had failed to comply with a requirement to set day and nighttime noise levels, the Smyths had failed to establish nuisance.

She said the issue of noise had been dealt with at a public inquiry and had not been challenged.

In their action, the couple had said that Luas trams passed their home 330 times between 5.30am and 12.30am every weekday and 254 times daily at weekends.

They said they were unable to enjoy their garden or hold a conversation when a tram passed. They said the most significant problem was sleep and they regularly had to sleep with the windows shut and use earplugs.

The case will come before the court in two weeks to address the issue of costs.

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  2. This soliciting troll aside, I’d accuse these people of perjury myself. A Luas tram passing would be far quieter than jets departing Dublin Airport miles away.

    BTW, the comments section is now closed? I wanted to comment on the Metro North story, but the links all go directly to the Irish Times website. AFAIAC, the two Luas lines should be converted to Metro themselves and all of this ill-advised street running on new tramways in the city centre brought to an end once and for all. Would be nice if the Luas were not off-gauge from the Irish generail railway network and we could convert the system to tram-trains to allow through-running on the DART lines using something like the Regio Citadis, but I suppose that’s pipe-dream territory for now.

  3. Too bad about this site; I kinda miss it. So much happened in three years, from the premature retirement of the “bendy” buses to Network Direct’s disastrous rework of the bus network (incomplete, too; they didn’t combine the 27B with the 79 yet, the 40 goes from Finglas to Ballyfermot, the 13 goes from Ballymun to Clondalkin, and things are just a bloody mess).

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