Dublin Bus driver attacked before bus is hijacked

A Dublin Bus driver, who is new to both bus driving and this country, was viciously attacked while doing his job last night. This is not the first attack on a driver in this part of Dublin, how long must these attacks continue before action is taken?

RTE report:

A Dublin Bus driver was severely assaulted and the bus he was driving hijacked before a passenger took control of the vehicle in the Liberties area last night.

The driver has been treated for broken bones in his hand and severe bruising.

A man has been arrested.

John McGrane of the National Bus and Rail Union has called for action to be taken against attacks on buses and drivers.

There were about 15 passengers on board when the bus was hijacked between 9.30pm-10pm last night.

Earlier two passengers, a man and a woman, were involved in an altercation with the driver.

When he stopped to contact gardaí he was pulled from the bus and beaten.

The bus was then driven down Cork Street in south inner city before being stopped by a passenger who took control of the wheel.

Gardaí arrested the man driving the bus and he is being questioned in Kevin Street Garda Station.

The driver has since been released from hospital after being treated for two broken bones in his hand and severe bruising. He is said to be badly shaken by the incident.

Mr McGrane told RTÉ that attacks on buses have increased in frequency. He said that in parts of West Tallaght services have been curtailed due to thirty such attacks taking place.

A spokeswoman for Dublin Bus said that the company is co-operating fully with gardaí in their investigations and expressed concern for the welfare of the driver.

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  1. We Must not forget the attacks by Drivers on thier passengers.

    In Co.Waterford Gardaí are investigating allegations that a Bus Éireann driver had sexual relations with an underage girl on the back of a bus.

    The Driver who in his 40s was questioned by gardaí after a complaint regarding an adult allegedly having unlawful carnal knowledge of a 15-year-old girl on the bus on December 5th.

    It seems this is not just a problem with Passengers, but also with the Drivers themselves.

  2. Given the ongoing and depressingly regular occurrences of assaults on Busdrivers by both passengers and assorted other types I`m at a loss to understand Darren Black`s response.

    He refers to a well publicised case of Alleged sexual assault perpretated by ONE Driver in the employ of Bus Eireann.

    If this man is tried and convicted then quite obviously it confirms ONE driver as a problem.

    However,in the absence of either widespread allegations or evidence of such abuse then I would be reluctant to describe it as a problem.

    It should also be noted that the Cork St incident appears to have encompassed a very wide range of criminal behaviour of which assault is only one.


  4. We Must not forget the attacks by Drivers on thier passengers

    To what end? To justify attacking bus drivers in the manner described here?!?

  5. sean yeates on May 8th, 2009 at 5:36 pm

    let me set the record straight dublin bus management have been trained in the art of manipulation to such a degree that unless they are in the cab with you when your attacked they will not pay assault pay.did you not realise for the poxy wage your paid you are obidged to take the physical sexual racial and other abuse without complaining.and now to add insult to pardon the pun injury they are attacking u themselves by eroding your already weak pay and conditions but as u are well aware there are still colleauges who will work anytime in any conditions and never complain and when they droop dead will the management make a special tribute extra money for their families eeeeeehhhh no they will make sure the second they die their wages are stopped after all they didnt come in

  6. There is NO justification for an attack by any person on another. What happened to Ben and other drivers who are assaulted is terrible. Also do not deflate what Darren says. There is more than ONE bad bus driver who insults and assaults passengers. I witnessed one recent incident the other day when a driver told an elderly passenger to “shut his fucking mouth” when the passenger reminded the driver that he failed to stop. Further insults were hurled by the driver ending a threat that he was “gonna break his fucking neck”. I wonder if that driver would have said the same thing to a man his own size and build. Bullies on any side of the cab window need to be prosecuted fully.

  7. Iv had a similer experiance , i was threatened by a passenger who wanted to get off between stop’s and who failed to ring a bell. the passenger shouted abuse at me and when exiting the bus had a male meet her and he jumped on and kicked and punched the cab screen. i reported the incident but to my surprise the passenger also rang the depot , and said i was rude to her ???? i got sent on a customer care course and no garda were sent to investigate the incident which was recorded on the bus cctv.
    The company is more interested in it public image than its drivers safety

  8. dbbusdrivers r cocksuckers on January 5th, 2010 at 1:04 pm

    apologies to the FEW exceptionally pleasant and helpful db bus drivers ive encountered (likely the ones happy to work without complaint:), but the majority are complete arseholes!! im not surprised or sorry drivers are gettting abuse, above mentioned incident excluded as it sounds like could be unrelated and isolated case of menacing youths being menacing youths to be expected in areas of dublin perhaps… regardless a problem for other jurisdictions of dub gov. after reviewing the comments here its evermore apparent why db offers such poor service in many respects; seems there is a general malaise preoccupying and poisoning the work environment at db. UNfortunately this translates to the SHIT service we, the endusers, are being forced to pay for!! its a two way street, management doesnt like compensating slack ass monkeys on the take and management paying peanuts get monkeys….. so, there u have it, i say celtic tiger is dead, times of getting something for nothing gone! to the miserable bus drivers out there who dont want to work im sure ther are lots out there who would be happy to have your jobs so step aside and let dublin be a happier place:) alternativly, DISBAND DB EXPAND THE LUIS
    kind regards 🙂

  9. once again the dublin bus managements promises to please the unions have failed tonight 4 busses attacked in tallaght despite assurances from company gardai and unions that chief inspectors would be up in tallaght all night with gardai. well the drivers on routes 77,50 ,65 have now got to decide put u shut up or keep out of the areas affected for a few months like what happened in ballyfermot and ballymun until dublin bus start living up to there legal obligations to staff and provide a safe working enviroment.

  10. Someone who knows better on February 3rd, 2010 at 6:48 pm

    Yeates your a mouth piece & nothing else. You’d do a weeks work to avoid a days work.

  11. yeates, what the f**k would you know about unions? you weren’t elected cos no one wanted you in there including your so called mates. you don’t drive any of the routes listed and its a rare day when you drive at all so give it a rest and go back to doing what you do best. absolutely nothing.

  12. Someone who knows better on February 16th, 2010 at 8:21 pm

    Yeatsie is a wanker yeatsie is a wanker la la la la la la; a fucking know fuck all know it all…

  13. Someone who knows better on February 24th, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    Yeates; the driver who was attacked, since when do yougive a fuck about him? you never once asked as to how he is, i’ve heard you talkshite about him for noreason other than the fact your a bad bastard.do us alla favor and fuck off outt of the job or drive your bus without droping gallups for no reason and leaving us to clear up your mess. you put the muppet into muppet show. i can wait til you get the sack. prick.

  14. once again the dublin bus managements promises to please the unions have failed tonight 4 busses aytacked in tallaght despite assurances from company gardai and unions that chief inspectors would be up in tallaght all night with gardai. well the drivers on routes 77,50 ,65 have now got to decide put u shut up or keep out of the areas affected for a few months like what hapoened in ballyfermot and ballymun until dublin bus start living up to there legal obligations to staff amd provide a safe working enviroment.;

  15. Comments like the ones we see above do absolutely nothing in supporting the needs of transport workers nor do they provide the general public with any reason to support the needs of those workers. Like everything else in life, the working class are the makers of their own downfall, by playing directly into the hands of employers who wallow in the joy of seeing the working class destroy itself from within its own ranks. There are many within Ringsend garage and possibly all the other garages within the Dublin Bus network who complain about unions, management and God knows what else,avoid doing a days work by faulting buses for the most simple of reasons, yet in their smartness and alleged cuteness, place their fellow workers under pressure when their fellow colleagues have to go out onto the road and listen to irate customers and customers queueing for buses. The same people have all the answers, just like the same people who brought the public transport services to its knees in the early seventies and eighties.Genuine problems that workers experience in the course of their working lives are choked by petty squabbles and unreasonable demands by those who use the strength of numbers to secure their own security of employment at the hands of those who want to do a days work.
    No matter what one may say about the union movement, if union representation was not present then we would be all working in sweat shops, people should remember this, especially those who do not belong to unions. The progress achieved over the years by the trade union movement has indirectly benefited those who are not members of a union because of its stance on workers rights across all section of the working class.
    The problem in most garages is that most workers want to go to work and do a days work,they want their union officials to represent their need and then there are those who play directly into the hands of those who want to dismantle our public transport services, yet the same people cry and scream when their jobs are in danger of being lost.
    Its time workers came together in support of one another, for in unity there is strength. We seen Telecom Eireann being changed to Eircom, a stepping stone for privatisation, we seen Aer Lingus go down the same road, a road that has led to job losses and a publicly owned national carried lost forever. All the public service companies were owned by the people, yet the people working within these services seen the services as being of their own, as they brought the services to a standstill because of their own petty squabbling.Politicians in the main capitalist parties must have thought their prayers were being answered when they found justification and public support in the dismantling and sale of a public asset, an asset that was gradually being thrown away by loonies and wasters who helped bring those public services to where they are now.
    If this continues in CIE then the likes of Dualways and Mortons will be there to fill the void and the general public will not give two hoots for those who brought the service to its knees because of their own internal petty differences.
    Take warning, you are playing with time,how ye perform and conduct yourselves will determine if you are still working tomorrow.When you express your opinions publicly always remember that there are those out there who find comfort in your disunity.

    Ringsend driver
    NBRU member

  16. Well said.

  17. ringsend driver on March 19th, 2010 at 12:22 am

    a give poor yeats a hard time because he defects busses and u dont have the balls to but you will go crying to union if checker books you for having a cuppa on the bus as for his non election to union if my memory os right he got 85 per cent firrst preference votes and there are plenty of us in ringsend glad to get advice ffrom him freely given so maybe if you stopped with ur nasty name callin and go for election yourself against him oh but guess what ye sap you didnt give ur name least he put his name up sign yours next time no balls

  18. Someone who knows better on March 20th, 2010 at 1:09 pm

    I second that, well put indeed.

  19. I can’t believe that people are trying to justify the attack on a bus driver, or any attack for that matter.

    It’s completely ridiculous to suggest that “all bus drivers” are the same, given the fact a single person only sees a very small cross section of drivers.

    I got a bus recently and the driver cracked a joke with me about my dart ticket not being valid (due to a dart breakdown). I guess I should have dragged him out of his cab and then hijacked the bus? Silly talk from silly people.

  20. Why dont you stop moaning and let someone else do the job that your lucky to have ,if it a poxy wage then leave ,is someone making you stay in the job your doing.
    If not then leave

  21. More nice comments. What kind of job would you like to take that you get physically attacked on? Someone beats you up and breaks your hand, and you have to take it quietly or “let someone else do the job”?? Maybe some of these trolls need to experience what the bus driver in question experienced.

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