Dublin Transport Authority brand rumours

It looks like the Dublin Transport Authority (DTA) will be branded as “Dublin Transport” when it launches in 2009. Peter Cranny, a Senior Transportation Planner for the Dublin Transportation Office, has registered both dublintransportauthority.ie and dublintransport.ie with the Irish Domain Registry, the body responsible for the management of Irish domain names (those dot-ie names that are used at the end of internet addresses).

Presumably dublintransportauthority.ie will be the corporate site and dublintransport.ie will be the one used to provide timetables, route planners and information to the general public.

Previously there was much talk of using a “Transport for Dublin” brand, in the style of “Transport for London” in the UK. Bearing that in mind, you would imagine our canny Mr. Cranny has registered that too… but, no! Low and behold, hasn’t it already been registered, by CIE of all people. How very strange. Our curiosity was piqued when we saw who originally registered transportfordublin.ie for CIE, none other than Joe Ross.

Transport watchers with long memories will remember a Mr. Joe Ross who was the IT Expert who worked on the infamous mini-CTC signalling project which rose in cost by an estimated €45M. The fall-out from the costly project overspend caused outrage at the time, although nothing was ever done about it due to some legal technicalities which halted the inquiry’s work.

So why has CIE registered this name? And why are they spending money on speculative domain names at all? Is this a reasonable use of taxpayers money?

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