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Dublin Transport Authority brand rumours

It looks like the Dublin Transport Authority (DTA) will be branded as “Dublin Transport” when it launches in 2009. Peter Cranny, a Senior Transportation Planner for the Dublin Transportation Office, has registered both dublintransportauthority.ie and dublintransport.ie with the Irish Domain Registry, the body responsible for the management of Irish domain names (those dot-ie names that […]

Minister attempts to advise himself out of Transport21 mess

It’s not quite a brand new news story that the government continue to waste huge amounts of money on consultants and logos, while projects continue to fall behind (metro north) and others are quietly scrapped (nearly everything else that is not related to road building) but it is worth noting nonetheless. Meanwhile, Dublin Bus are […]

Fake Dublin Bus ticket scam uncovered

Cormac Murphy of the Herald writes: Fraudsters have been using forged bus and Luas tickets to evade public transport fares, it emerged today. Dublin Bus launched a full-scale probe when the scam was uncovered, leading to the arrest of a number of suspects. A man has already been fined €300 in court for using a […]