Dublin City Council endangering pedestrians with advertising

Pedestrians, cyclists and even the blind have all been placed at risk thanks to a secret deal between Dublin City Council and advertising firm JC Decaux.

The firm are supplying some bikes (cost: secret) in exchange for the right to place lots ad lots of advertising on footpaths (value: secret). Many of these signs block either the view from vehicles of pedestrians about to cross the road and/or the ability of pedestrians to see on coming traffic.

There has been condemnation from the DTO, the National Council for the Blind and even Dublin’s own councillors. Apparently the councillors were not aware of the deal until after it was signed, and even then have not been given all the details due to “commercial sensitivities”.

This is, wouldn’t you know it, in direct contravention of section 183 of the Local Government Act “…which specifies that the release of public lands is a reserved function, necessitating a vote by councillor.” Needless to say, the council is pressing on with the crazy scheme. Bearing in mind the track record of Dublin’s local authorities for making deals with big business we can but speculate why.

MadsL, a contributor to boards.ie has been stirring it up for the public good, and has produced this video which explains the situation quite well.

If you feel strongly about this (and you should) you are encouraged to contact your councillors and the Department of Transport.

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