Dublin Bus route 41X port tunnel battle continues

More departmental permission needed to return via the port tunnel

While we may have given the impression (and indeed believed ourselves) that the issue of Dublin Bus being allowed to use the Port Tunnel was over and done with, it appears it is not so simple.

While permission has been given to run buses into town via the magnificent concrete monument to the Celtic Tiger (may it rest in peace) that is the tunnel, no such permission exists to run buses in the other direction.

Yes indeed, after well over a year of delays to the 41X tunnel route, primarily due to some bizarre thinking at the Department of Transport with regard to how to apply what is laughingly described as “the law”, Dublin Bus are still not allowed to run buses to Swords via the tunnel.

While Sinn Fein and Labour public representatives have been pointing the finger (rightly, in our opinion) at the Department for this idiotic situation, Fianna Fail politicians continue to attempt to spin the situation and blame Dublin Bus, with FF TD Michael Kennedy telling the Northside People that he has…

“…called on Dublin Bus to take urgent steps to ensure that the 41X service can use the Dublin Port Tunnel during peak evening journeys.”

It is clear that Kennedy is a very special style of iijit, who along with his colleagues, has continually tried to pin the blame for the 41X situation on Dublin Bus. What he is not saying is that it’s a government department run by another FF TD that is refusing to allow the service to run. The department meanwhile are pulling the usual “competition law” argument out of the hat.

They do not explain how the inbound route is not a problem, but the outbound one is. We’re sure the explanation will run along the lines of blaming some old transport legislation and then trying to distract everyone from this and the issue of there not being any money set aside for public transport improvements while cutting the ribbon on yet another consultation process for some light rail scheme that will never be built.

But that isn’t how things work in this country, is it?

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