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Swords Express take dispute with transport minister to the High Court

The Swords Express are taking Noel Dempsey to court over the granting of permission for Dublin Bus to use the port tunnel. All a bit odd considering the services so not actually share the same route except for a short stretch in Swords – and even then the services are so differentiated that they serve […]

Dublin Bus routes disrupted by thugs

Once again scumbags have forced a reduction in bus services in some of the parts of the city that need them most. After taking advise from the guards, bus routes through Blanchardstown and Clondalkin have been diverted, and this will continue until the problems are resolved. Andrew Phelan of the Herald reports: Dublin Bus has […]

Louth politicians begin to notice the DTA too

As we pointed out back in April, the proposed Dublin Transport Authority does not cover any part of the County Louth. We noted that it was “conspicuous by it’s absence”. Apparently Louth’s politicians are even slower on the uptake than their Dublin counterparts, and have only begun to take note of this quite important fact […]

Dublin City Council endangering pedestrians with advertising

Pedestrians, cyclists and even the blind have all been placed at risk thanks to a secret deal between Dublin City Council and advertising firm JC Decaux. The firm are supplying some bikes (cost: secret) in exchange for the right to place lots ad lots of advertising on footpaths (value: secret). Many of these signs block […]

Luas trams make noise, court told

Couple buy house next to railway track which is scheduled to re-open. Railway re-opens. Value of home increases. Couple sue because the trams make noise. It must be just awful living next to a clean, frequent and fast mode of public transport able to get you into the city centre in approximately 6 minutes.

Dublin Bus route 41X port tunnel battle continues

More departmental permission needed to return via the port tunnel While we may have given the impression (and indeed believed ourselves) that the issue of Dublin Bus being allowed to use the Port Tunnel was over and done with, it appears it is not so simple. While permission has been given to run buses into […]

Dublin Metro standards will be high, claim RPA

Nicola Cooke of the Sunday Business Post writes: The operator chosen to run the planned Metro North system in Dublin will forfeit an annual fee of tens of millions of euro if it does not achieve the highest standards in the world in key areas such as passenger numbers, punctuality and breakdowns. Documents sent to […]