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Circle Line bus company ceases operations in Dublin

Meanwhile the Department of Transport drop it’s objection to the 41X going via Dublin’s Port Tunnel A statement was issued this morning by Circle Line, the private bus company serving Lucan and Celbridge, announcing that they are to cease operations. If ever you needed an example as to why a privatised bus service is a […]

Dublin bus lane operating hours extension proposed

Dublin City Council, who are now very keen to appear active on the transport front in our fair city, are talking about extending bus lane operating hours from 7pm to 8pm. They are also talking about making the lanes active on Sundays in cases where they are not currently. We love the idea, but why […]

Dublin City Council propose rickshaw licensing

Cue the minister wringing his hands and muttering darkly about 1930s transport legislation Apparently oblivious (or maybe not) to the competency of the Department of Transport and it’s minister, especially with regard to the licensing of private operators, the traffic committee of Dublin City Council wants wee Noel to start licensing rickshaw operators in Dublin […]

Dublin City councillors finally notice Dublin Transport Authority on horizon

Two months after it was announced, Dublin’s councillors have finally woken up to the fact that all of their transport powers, and some of their planning ones too, are being transferred to the new Dublin Transport Authority (DTA). Even though all the detail of the DTA was available in the text of the bill in […]

Scrap road signs, save lives says Dublin Transportation Office

Having spent €200,000 on traffic signs that were critised by all and sundry (apart from us, we were uncharacteristically nice about them) and then more money replacing them, the Dublin Transportation Office (DTO) now wants to remove them. While the plans to establish the Dublin Transport Authority move along at a pace akin to a […]

Irish Government mulls cuts in transport spending

The Sunday Business Post is reporting that the new Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, is considering making cuts in spending for the National Development Plan, connecting economic growth (or lack of it) to spending on key projects like transport improvements. Is Transport21 part of the NDP or considered a separate entity in this context? We’re not sure, […]