Government furiously backpeddles on Dublin City car ban

It looks like the Dublin traffic ban kite flying exercise is going to be even more short lived than we first thought, with it now being delayed till 2011. And that is assuming that the projects scheduled to begin that year even happen at all.

There is further talk of a congestion charge, but of course that cannot occur without significant (and visible) public transport improvements. As it stands it is not something that would survive a mauling from the motoring public.

If we were cynics we would see all these recent announcements from various, usually silent, officials as having little to do with improving the transport situation in Dublin and much to do with posturing in order to secure places on the board of the DTA.

RTE News reports:

The Minister for Transport, Noel Dempsey, has said a ban on private cars in Dublin city centre will not be introduced until 2011 during the Metro and LUAS works.

The head of the Dublin Transportation Office, John Henry, said he would like to see this measure made permanent and said a congestion charge will also be considered.
The DTO was today launching a public consultation process for the future of transport in Dublin up to 2030.

The most pressing concern now is the massive disruption that will occur once construction begins.

Plans have been put forward on several occasions for a re-routing of private cars away from Dame Street and College Green, through Westmoreland Street and O’Connell Street.

This will become necessary before work starts on the rail projects in 2011.

Mr Henry cited the example of St Stephen’s Green West, which has been closed to through traffic since the LUAS was situated there.

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