Luas bridge to be built but not used for the Luas

An article has appeared on rte.ie, announcing the building of a “Luas bridge” between Hawkins Street on the southside of Dublin with (cough cough) Hawkins Street on the northside. The theory goes that this would carry the Luas between the red and green lines (aka Luas line BX).

Now, a bridge was announced previously for the Luas that would link Hawkins Street with Marlborough Street, which would be used to carry the Luas, however it has also been announced that construction of line BX will not start until 2013 at the very earliest, so what is this bridge really for?

Apparently It’s being built to take traffic off O’Connell bridge while the metro and interconnector are both being built. Hopefully we can take DCC’s Director of Traffic (for now) Michael Philips at his word when he says

…the bridge to be built for Luas line BX is ‘urgently needed’ to keep buses moving when works start in 2010.

We would go further than that, as what is quickly becoming obvious here is that this is not a Luas bridge at all, but yet another bridge for cars, with the bus being tagged onto it to give it public service credentials, and no doubt receive the right level of funding. Why not do it properly and announce it as a bus bridge, for buses only – if you want to drive across the city centre during the massive upheaval of two of the largest construction projects this part of the city has ever seen then be my guest, but don’t expect to be rewarded further for your folly by having a new bridge handed to you.

Oh and did we say two construction projects? Of course we meant to say three as while all of this is going on they’ll be building this too.

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