Labour Court agreement reached in Dublin Bus strike

A Labour Court agreement to end the strike that has hit many Dublin Bus routes and made commuting a even greater misery than usual for and estimated 60,000 passengers this week has been accepted by both the unions and management.

Services from the Harristown depot are set to be running again from tomorrow (Monday), although details of the agreement have not been made public so it is unknown what changes, if any, the public are likely to see.

The strike initially kicked off because of a disagreement over the implementation of two new bus routes and some rostering issues – notably the question of where drivers would start and end their shifts (Harristown or in the City Centre). It is unfortunate that once again it is the travelling public who must pay the price because of yet another break down in communication between the management and the unions.

Why is it that there had to be a strike for an entire week but the whole thing is settled quite rapidly once the issue gets to the Labour Court? Why did the parties to the dispute allow it to happen in the first place?

Answers on a postcard please…

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