Undertakers seek use of bus lanes in Dublin

There was us thinking the silly season was over, but in the past week we’ve heard everybody from motorcyclists to hackney cab drivers demanding use of the buslanes on the grounds that it would do nobody any harm and that it wouldn’t cost a cent.

Well now undertakers are getting in on the act, asking for use of the buslanes “in case of emergency”! Well we don’t mean to sound insensitive, but they’re not going to get any deader folks. People are late for funerals, be they dead or alive, That’s just a fact of life, and if you don’t like the traffic, don’t drive through the city centre, don’t schedule the removal at rush hour and don’t be trying to use the buslane for anything other than buses, there’s already enough taxis in them for starters.

What do people think causes the traffic in the first place? Well let us tell you, it’s the huge number of private cars on our roads that are slowing up buses. This discourages people from using the bus, due to increased journey time, which increases the number of cars on the road, which begins the whole cycle of madness all over again.

All of this is only a few steps away from Fine Gael’s ridiculous and unworkable car pooling idea, they would like cars with two people or more to use the buslanes. Where the extra Gardaí to police this venture are going to come from is anybody’s guess, and there’s no sign of the much vaunted traffic police being established any time soon either.

Buslanes are called buslanes for a reason, if Joe Bloggs wants to use the buslane or QBC, he can buy a ticket and climb onto a bus like the rest of us.

What we need is less use of buslanes by vehicles other than buses and we need better enforcement of the law, removing private cars from what is meant to be a public transport express lane. If Brennan gives in to one lobby group after another, all vying for use of the lanes, any hope of decent public transport emerging in Dublin will be as dead as the people car pooling with the undertakers.

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