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Dublin metro plan rumoured to be scrapped (again)

Cash Saved To Be Apparently Used To Build Motorways Future generations are going to look back and wonder a lot of things about post-boom Ireland. They’re going to wonder about the billions wasted on consultants and reports, reports on consultant reports and inquiries into why a tribunal was set up into the cost of consultant […]

Government policy continues to neglect the bus

Opposition to privatisation gone to ground awaiting Brennan’s next move Figures released this month show what we were already beginning to suspect, some of the traffic measures put in place in Dublin last year are starting to bear fruit. With some of the most popular journeys on the bus now taking half the time than […]

Undertakers seek use of bus lanes in Dublin

There was us thinking the silly season was over, but in the past week we’ve heard everybody from motorcyclists to hackney cab drivers demanding use of the buslanes on the grounds that it would do nobody any harm and that it wouldn’t cost a cent. Well now undertakers are getting in on the act, asking […]

Transport Minister seeks to spend over €10bn on a €1.5bn metro

Seamus Brennan’s plans are flawed, they display a total ignorance of how an economy functions and they are doomed to failure, costing taxpayers an awful lot of money in the process. We would like to take this opportunity to explain his plans and why they cannot work. The minister proposes to build the metro plan […]

DART service disrupted until 2005

Iarnród Éireann Finally Agree to Christmas Trains After Intervention From The Taoiseach Dublin rail commuters face even more stress and disruption, it was revealed this week. If you are one of the many thousands of people who travel on the DART every weekend, you may not be able to do so for eighteen months, or […]