Route 8 Scrapped

In what must be one of the strangest moves by Dublin Bus in recent times, many residents of Dalkey and elsewhere have been left without a bus route to take them where they want to go.

There have been calls from various people and groups for the immediate reinstatement of the Number 8 route, following it’s surprise axing on July 14th. We believe that the cynical timing is quite telling, and may be the key to the whole matter. While the manner in which the route cancellation was announced could do with some scrutiny, we’ll get to that later, what’s important is many elderly people have no longer got an easy way to get to Vincents, Michaels or Our Lady’s Manor.

Dublin Bus claim to have carried out extensive surveys, which, they say, show that the route was being used by a tiny number of people. However they only figures they have released are for the very early morning, which can only suggest passenger numbers over the rest of the day that Dublin Bus would rather not discuss. Of course, what is a real giveaway is the time of year chosen to do this. BUSRAGE believes that this is another classic example of the creative use of figures by Dublin Bus.

How can a look at passenger numbers during June and July bear any relation to passenger numbers during the rest of the year, especially the September to May period? There are many people who are going to find themselves high and dry when they realise in September that there is no bus to take them to school or college. What are students in Dalkey who go to many of the secondary schools along the route supposed to do? Dublin Bus’ answer is, strangely, that they should take the DART! Ah, yes, a nice trip in a sardine tin followed by a 45 minute walk to school, college or work.

As far as the announcement of the decision goes, apparently a leaflet was given to some passengers on Thursday July 12th, telling them the service was to be discontinued on the following Monday (it was, in fact withdrawn less than 48 hours later, on the Saturday night). The leaflet informed passengers of the new “improved” 7D, improved in this case means a bus route which travels into the city once a day. Add to this a lot of messing about with other routes, such as the 5, 7, 7A, 7X and the 59, and you have a cocktail for disaster.

The whole matter was hurried without consulting Dalkey Community Council or other local authorities. In fact, Dalkey has had to put traffic-calming measures on hold, such as the introduction of parking charges, as these cannot now be justified with the elimination of the Number 8. Yet another example of where Dublin Bus’ attitude of zero consultation can lead us.

Sign the petition and then call Dublin Bus up, and demand the reinstatement of the Number 8, before the take another route from us.

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