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Route 8 Scrapped

In what must be one of the strangest moves by Dublin Bus in recent times, many residents of Dalkey and elsewhere have been left without a bus route to take them where they want to go. There have been calls from various people and groups for the immediate reinstatement of the Number 8 route, following […]

Car-Free Day turns into a farce.

Ah Yes, Dublin. Ireland’s capital and home of the Celtic Tiger. Nuclear Free since 1985 an proud of it, our environmental credentials tattooed on our city’s arm. Sure we’re great. Well how do we show the world how great we are? Dublin Corporation and Minister Dan Wallace believe they have the answer. As our government […]

Supreme Court appeal against AA Roadwatch

William Campbell is taking his battle with RTE and The Broadcasting Complaints Commission (BCC) all the way to the Supreme Court, following a High Court decision which did not rule in his favour. Campbell maintains that the broadcasting of AA Roadwatch is in breach of the Broadcasting Act. Firstly, AA Roadwatch is part of the […]