New QBCs in operation

Most of these are for travel into town only, but will mean shorter journey times for people taking the bus. There is still no word if QBCs or Bus Lanes will be eventually turned into car-pool lanes, as some politicians would like to see.

This idea isn’t popular with CIE, and we can certainly see their point of view. These lanes are for buses, not cars trucks or limos. Abandoning the QBCs would certainly be a popular move among the car using electorate, but us public transport plebs would be less than pleased. Can you really see a bunch of TDs car pooling to get to work? I think not.

Perhaps what they’re really thinking is that they can travel in the bus lanes on their tod, using parliamentary privilege to get away with it. As it is they can quite legally drive in the bus lanes, but it would cause outrage. But, when you think about it, it wouldn’t raise any eyebrows if we were used to seeing cars in what we once called a bus lane, even if these vehicles only contained one person.

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